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Buying at the Coin Shows – Things to Know

Coin shows present the different buying experience than buying from the dealers where you have many people to buy from. Even smallest coin show provides a wide range of products, which many shops cannot replicate and whereas there is the camaraderie amongst dealers, they’re also in the competition with one another for greysheet coins. As the buyer or somebody who is selling the coins, it is a variety that offers a lot of opportunities to get a best price.

Even though there’re suggested prices, like described above, the dealers set their prices on the inventory. They take in consideration what price guides say, however they also need to know what they have paid for this coin or what this costs them to sell the coin. The costs include everything that it takes for running the shop from lease to utilities and employees and security. Dealer also needs to make some profit—after all; they’re in the business to earn money.


Have the Best Experience

Best experience you will have in the numismatics is visiting the coin show irrespective of whether it’s a small or large show. When you walk over the bourse floor, just look around, have a talk with dealers, or with other collectors. It’s one way to know more about your hobby and people in this hobby. Make use of this opportunity to build the good rapport with those dealers. Not just many are highly knowledgeable in this industry, but will offer you good discounts when you purchase from them based over the recommendations. You may take this opportunity to shop over to find the perfect coin.

There is all kind of dealers who attend these shows with the different kind of inventory. At largest shows, you may meet the dealers with brick-and-mortar presence, dealers who travel to the shows to buy & sell, the part time dealers having the regular job during week & sell at the shows on weekend, or vest pocket dealers in the show who might not have the table but walks & tries to sell the wares. Remember, the dealers who are traveling to the shows have got inventory they bought, fees to set up the show and travel expenses that can factor in the prices.