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What’s Pokémon GO? Let Us Know More

Pokémon GO is the game designed by Niantic & Pokémon Company International. This game happens in Fuchsia City & real world. You need to use your mobile phone to walk over the entire city to catch Pokémon or Pikachu. You also can battle players at gyms and see who has best Pokémon account and if required you can buy pokemon go accounts. There’re a lot of different items in this game like candy, points, lure modules, raid keys, and more. Entire goal of the Pokémon GO is catching many Pokémon if possible and add it to your Pokédex & profile. You also can catch shiny Pokémon.

How To Get Pokémon?

In this Pokémon GO game you need to add Pokémon account just by collecting it in the game. To catch a few, first you have to walk outside in a real world. And Pokémon spawn in real world & you will require your phone to find them. When you have found the Pokémon you have to tap over it. Right from there you should throw pokeball. The high level pokemon like Mewtwo and Dragonite can be tough to catch than easy Pokémon such as Pikachu. Each time you catch any it gets added to the Pokédex. You will have one or more of each Pokémon. Suppose you have a lot of specific Pokémon, you may trade them to the Professor Oak to get candy. The candies can be used to evolve the Pokémon to next level. For instance, you may turn Charmeleon in Charizard with enough of candies. The Shiny Pokémon is tough to capture than regular one. For instance, shiny Pikachu will be tough to catch than normal Pikachu. Due to this high difficulty, the shiny Pokémon are very rare & valuable.

buy pokemon go accounts

How to Buy Items In the Pokémon GO

The Pokémon GO is the social game. To play you should go walk over in the world instead on your own computer. Suppose you stay home and don’t leave, is just impossible to play this game without bot. Pokéstops are the places where you will get more potions or pokéballs. While you’re getting pokéballs and potions there is the chance you will get better items. The rare pokéballs can allow you to catch Pokémon like shiny Dragonite easier. Just by feeding Pokémon certain candy before you throw the pokéball, you will increase the success rate.