The Importance of Fasteners in Commercial and Residential Construction

No one can dispute the fact that Construction Fasteners, such as various types of nuts and bolts, are all integral pieces of both commercial and residential construction projects.

Here we’ll look at how Construction Fasteners play crucial roles in the way both types of buildings are made. Construction Fasteners are the most important linchpins to your construction process in both commercial and residential construction. Go here for construction bolts.

In construction, you may need to use wedge anchors of which there are three kinds: fully threaded anchors; full-bodied ones; and wedge anchors which are partially threaded. In commercial construction, you’re probably looking at buying more fasteners in bulk, as there will be many types of nuts and bolts involved in the construction process–of course, depending upon what type of building is being created.

Some may be frame construction. Other types of commercial construction include jointed masonry; light noncombustible; masonry noncombustible; modified fire resistive; and fire resistive.

DiscoveryTowerHESStowerconstructionJPG Source: Wikimedia

With residential construction, you’re looking at a lessened finite amount of fastener materials for your building project. Whereas commercial construction tends to be usually much larger in scope, residential construction typically takes less manpower and less materials in order to complete the project.

Again, however, the size of the project really is the factor which is going to determine how many materials will be needed. If the residential project is large enough, materials needed might rival those of, say, a commercial project. So every type of construction must be considered on its own merits. In residential construction, as with commercial construction, there is very little room for error.

However, as with commercial construction, certain amounts of fasteners are going to have to be ordered in advance in order to complete the job. Contractors who know they may be doing multiple residential projects may choose to order things like fasteners in bulk because they know they will use them in succession as they continue to complete their individual projects on a case-by-case basis.

In both commercial and residential construction projects, there will always be a need for secure fasteners in order to ensure the safety and security of buildings in the phase of being created.

There is no doubt that items like nuts and bolts will always be necessary in order to fashion well-designed buildings by assuring their permanence. It’s important to purchase fasteners that will ultimately withstand the inevitable test of time for maximum effect.